What is Facebook Messenger marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing is a new way to use Messenger to find and nurture leads, and keep the conversation going with your existing customers and clients.

Facebook Messenger marketing gives you the ability to grow a list of subscribers and enter them into a sequence of automated messages, much like email marketing. But Messenger marketing takes the relationship a step further with 1:1 conversations.

This 1:1 conversation gives you the ability to connect with your subscribers on a more personal level, build relationships, and give them exactly what they want, often in real-time.

All of this is made possible with a Facebook Messenger chatbot software.

We think of chatbots as an autoresponder on steroids. A Messenger chatbot is AI software that integrates with Facebook and can be programmed to answer your customer questions, provide more information, or help them make a purchase.

The advantages of Facebook Messenger marketing?

There are some big advantages of Facebook Messenger marketing over email marketing;

  1. Facebook messages have an 80% (or more) open rate, compared to a 10% email open rate.
  2. Messages have click through rate 4-10x greater than average email click through rates
  3. You’re able to answer questions or offer deals in REAL TIME to your subscribers.
  4. Facebook Messenger is a 1:1 conversation, unlike email which is one-to-many.

Use Facebook Messenger Marketing to

How does Facebook Messenger marketing work?

How does Facebook Messenger marketing work?

Step 1. We start by designing a chatbot that meets your business need and goals. Whether it’s scheduling a consultation for your service based business, increasing foot traffic to your brick and mortar store, or making online sales, we can do it with a chatbot and Facebook Messenger.

Step 2. Growth tools. Once we have your chatbot designed and setup, it’s time to start growing your subscriber list. These tools include a website plug-in (which you can test right here on our website), your Facebook business page call-to-action button, printable QR codes that scan to Messenger for your offline marketing efforts, and Facebook ads.

Step 3. Once these tools are set up, you’re ready to start building your list of subscribers, just like email marketing. Our most effective strategy is Comment to Messenger Facebook ads.

Step 4. Nurture relationships with your customers and prospects. Once connected in Messenger, you can send broadcasts and enter your subscribers into sequences. It’s another aspect that is similar to email marketing, but it becomes much more personal with the ability to create a real, 2-way conversation and chat in real-time when needed.

Step 5. Close the deal. With the unique ability to converse with and engage your subscribers, you’re able to build rapport, trust and make more sales.