Convert VHS to DVD and Preserve Your Family History

When you convert VHS to DVD or VHS to digital, it brings back so many wonderful memories.

Many people are faced with the problem of how to preserve family videos, especially if they are on a VHS tape. The issue with VHS tapes is that over time they start to break down and degrade and as a result of this the video quality of the footage is greatly affected. Another problem families nowadays face is that many of them do not have a VHS player where they can play the tapes and because of that all their family videos are forgotten. This is surely not what you want to happen to your family videos where all the family memories are stored on, so if you want to know how to solve this problem then keep on reading.

The first solution to preserving your family videos is to convert VHS to DVD. DVD replaced the VHS several years ago due to its impressive image quality and most people nowadays own a DVD player, which makes it easy for them to watch videos on a disc. A problem with this solution, which is occurring lately, is that large companies, like Apple, which is one of the companies that shapes the future, are no longer making DVD players and in about ten years there will be very few DVD players, which is exactly what happened to your VCR.

Technology is now going towards storing everything in the cloud so the second option, which is also cheaper than transferring to DVD, is to transfer your VHS to Digital Video Files (QuickTime) and by doing this you can keep your special memories on a USB or upload it to social media platforms, for example Facebook and YouTube. 100 VHS tapes can be kept on one large USB drive, which means you can store many memories on a little piece of equipment and because you need only one it will not cost you a lot of money. We also offer you the opportunity to host your video on a secure hard drive so you can instantly access it from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet or similar smart device. You can securely share your videos with as many people as you choose. . The great advantage of this solution is that it is completely free to share with others as opposed to making copies of DVDs and posting it to loved ones across the globe.

By using this second method you can also transfer longer videos for a cheaper price than on a DVD disc.


We all know how valuable our memories from weddings, baby videos or family vacations are and to have them all stored somewhere where we can look back at them years from now is a great gift. What better way to store all of those valuable videos on a small USB stick or upload it to our cloud server where you can store as many videos as you want and you can easily share them with whoever you want. This is also a future proof method of sustaining family legacy where your children and their children and so on can see all of those videos and see the family history.

In conclusion, since VHS and DVD players are slowly becoming a part of history, other methods are emerging as a way of preserving family memories, whether it be from weddings or family holidays. A great solution to this problem is either putting all the videos on a USB stick or uploading them to the clouds and then onto Facebook, which is free and you can easily share them with the rest of the world.

So if you want to convert VHS to DVD or any other videotape format and you want affordable prices for priceless memories then we can make that happen.

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